Registered Valuers & Property Consultants Independent Advice and Valuations


Whether you need a Valuation for a one bedroom home unit or a three level mansion, for finance,
sale to a Family Trust or an Insurance reinstatement estimate, our team can assist you!
We value: Purpose of Valuation:
  • Family Homes
  • Sale or Purchase
  • Apartments
  • Finance
  • Vacant Land
  • Progress Payments/Completion Certificates
  • Multiple Unit Blocks
  • Insurance
  • Home Units
  • Statements of Position
  • Development Projects
  • Matrimonial
  • Family Trust

  • Unit Title
  • Statutory Requirements
  • Compensation
  • Renovation/Building Projects

Contact us for more information: or 0800 VALUER

Outline of Service - What we do:

1. A comprehensive onsite internal and external inspection of the property.
2. Investigation as to the property’s Legal Description and Resource Management Considerations.
3. Interpretation of current marketplace.
4. Investigation and analysis of recent comparable sales with proximity to the property being valued.

Valuation Report Content - What you'll get:

1. NATURE OF PROPERTY – Brief outline and description of the subject property.
2. VALUATION SUMMARY – Apportioned valuation (Improvements, Land & Chattels)
3. LEGAL DESCRIPTION – Review of the property’s Certificate of Title (appended to report), noting any registrations or detrimental features which may effect value or saleability. 
4. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – District Plan summary and where applicable, outline of subdivision potential etc.
5. LOCALITY – Summary of surrounding locality outlining any notable features.
6. LAND – Description of property’s physical characteristics and site development.
7. IMPROVEMENTS – Brief description of the main improvements and any ancillary structures including approximate floor areas and photographs.
8. RISK FACTORS - A brief overview of any potential risks associated with the property.
9. MARKET CONSIDERATIONS – Outline of general marketplace conditions and an overview of recent comparable sales data considered relevant to the property under consideration.
10. SUMMARY- An overview of the sales data or commentary on the pertinent aspects of the property being considered.
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